“Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” by Alicia G

Pop music is defined by those special artists who come around every so often and introduce us to excitement meshed with a melody that doesn’t just get stuck in our heads – it makes us want to move, such as “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide),” the new single from Alicia G, does. “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” is a lyrically-driven pop showcase that is as relevant as it is tuneful, and not solely because of synthetic elements. Alicia G isn’t your typical indie pop musician; in the music video for the song, she shows us that cutting loose is very important to her brand, as is incorporating a hook right where we’re least expecting to find one. Her voice is peppered with mysticism, but her words personify youth itself. She’s sure of herself here, unafraid of the verses, and posturing herself to assume her rightful place in the hearts of pop-adoring fans everywhere.

The harmonies in this single are lively and buoyant in the master mix, which accentuates them elegantly by keeping the EQ crisp, clean, and devoid of a mushy, indulgent bassline. As much as you might imagine it plausible (and for good reason), Alicia G’s vocal doesn’t wash out the synth or smother the bass in vibrato; on the contrary, they fuse brilliantly in this mix and complement the pensive tempo of the track amazingly well.

If we were to strip this song down to its nuts and bolts, we’d find that though the lion’s share of our attention is always afforded to Alicia’s singing, the backing track pulls its weight and balances out her approach to the verses with a pulsating, textured melody. Both in the video and in the single on its own, the mix is even and boasts a formidable tonality that shines in comparison to some of the more plastic-faceted pop singles that have been receiving airplay on mainstream FM radio in the last couple of years.

Commanding, smooth, and melodic, “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” symbolizes a really big moment for Alicia G, who has yet to disappoint in her short time in the limelight. There’s no telling what Alicia will do in life as she gets deeper into this career of hers, but I think there’s not much debate as to whether or not she has crossover country-pop music as a genuinely viable option moving ahead.

“Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” vaults between a couple of different channels within a hybrid country genre via its understated grooves, with both pop and country styles being efficiently employed in the finished product without feeling lopsided or scattered. I think that sticking with this particular type of fluid songwriting would be her best bet for the time being, as she has the skill set to turn out some infectious harmonies spiked with satisfying hooks fit for any contemporary playlist. The sky is the limit for this artist, and with singles like this one on her résumé, she’s getting the launch that she’ll need to reach the stars she’s aiming for and beyond.

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