Latest Video From All Types of Kinds Is Visual Poetry

Discovering an up-and-coming band that appeals to your current taste in music is always an exciting revelation. When that same band manages to combine genres in a discography that both challenges and inspires listeners, however, that’s when you know you’ve discovered something truly rare and special. Traversing such an eclectic musical landscape as they curate a sound entirely their own, All Types of Kinds is a band beyond labels that is taking 2019 by storm. Described as “a band that goes through phases”, the four-piece group out of Manhattan has drawn sound and stylistic inspiration from rock, folk, jazz, hip-hip, pop, and blues. This multi-dimensional soundscape allows each member to showcase their individuality and express their passion for music so that when combined, an experience unlike any other is created.

Eclectic Influences to Genre Jumping

Applying this fluid interpretation of genre to a visual platform, All Types of Kinds chose to bring these themes to life in a dizzying display of motion with their latest video for the song “A Poem in January”. Opening in a dark room set to a gentle tinkering like that of a wind chime, the video continues to be filmed in black and white as viewers follow the emotional journey of two lovers. Spinning from scene to scene, the camera focuses upon each character at eye level which creates a dizzying, personal connection to the music and the message it conveys. The song appears on recently released debut EP titled Love Songs in which All Types of Kinds gives a glimpse into the confusing nature of relationships and emotional rollercoaster we often find ourselves on. While the band refuses to let one genre define them, “A Poem in January” retains a distinct folk-rock sound that comes to life in a way that will leave listeners of all musical preferences spinning.

Looking into the rest of 2019, All Types of Kinds will be wrapping up their current tour on March 30th in their home state of New York. With the Love Songs EP already out, fans can certainly expect more music videos and live dates to mark on their calendar which will include shows at Rockwood Music Hall in the heart of New York City and at Paramount Theater in Long Island. With the level of diversity explored in both theme and sound, there can be no doubt that this innovative band will soon see all types of kinds of success.

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