The Bellwethers Are Here To Provide “Schizophrenic Zen”


More and more artists are creating music every day in extra bedrooms turned into studios. They are able to get the music out to the world with the use of the internet. But live music will always be where a band can truly shine. One band that is well known for their live show is our recent discovery The Bellwethers.

The Phoenix, Arizona based band has been tearing up the Southwest music scene since 2010. The Bellwethers produce a high-energy, hard-blues-rock sound that blends genres to keep an audience entertained. Influences range from Pink Floyd to Bob Dylan to the Rolling Stones. The veteran musicians in the 5-piece band put thier experiences into the music and it shows.

The latest release by The Bellwethers is their full-length album Schizophrenic Zen. The 11 track record manages to pour the live energy of the band directly into your speakers. The title-track opener “Schizophrenic Zen” lets us ease in with some exotic melody guitar before coming to a crash with screeching vocals and raw distortion. This is Rock!

More amazing guitar work appears on “All I See” with a wide array of pedal effects and catchy blues-influenced solos that paint a picture for your ears. Some classic hard rock comes to the front on “House Of Cards”. That energy continues on “Fractured” but takes a different direction with a female lead vocal.

Raw Rock Power By The Bellwethers

The Bellwethers show off their softer side on “Tomorrow” with a piano-led rock ballad that reaches at the emotions of the listener. The slow down is appreciated to give our hearts all a little break. The record closes with “Longest Heartbeat,” a nice mix from both sides of the rock spectrum. Soft and hard, raw and elegant. This band knows how to write a song.

Keep up with The Bellwethers and if you can get to the Southwest make sure to catch a show if you can. Follow them on their WEBSITE.

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