Aminita Satori – From Jingles To Experimental Ambience

Aminita Satori

The days of musicians writing jingles for every advertising campaign and movie soundtrack have slowly slipped away.  Luckily for the indie music maker these ad companies have turned to them to supply the music adding an income stream to somewhat replace the lost sales of CDs.  Someone who has been on both sides of this music industry cycle is Aminita Satori.

The songwriter from Chicago, Illinois started his career as an advertising jingle writer.  After some successful years Aminta Satori walked away from the business due to inner artistic dilemmas.  It seems that creating music had lost its meaning and years passed.  After this long absence Satori found inspired by the likes of Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, and Bill Hicks.  The music started to flow again and Aminita Satori began churning out songs in the electronic ambient genre.  Music to stir up emotion and make the mind wander.  

Last year was the self release of his official debut album Where Language Fails.  Aminita Satori wasted little time and is already back with his follow up Back To The Stars We Go.  The 8 track album is a full sonic experience in psychedelic ambiance.  The opener “The Way” has some interesting effects on vocal samples that play around over an exotic background that seems mellow but there is energy just under the surface.  On the title track “Back To The Stars We Go” there is a spacy feel that builds to create a full sonic landscape.  There is a story to be told just with the music.  The music dives into even more experimentation with “Buddha Blues”.  There is a dance beat added that can get bodies moving and a jazz feel to the melody that makes for wuote an interesting pairing.  This album is a very interesting listen all the way to the closer “Yeah Yeah” with sounds coming at you from all angles distorting your thoughts along the way. Get a listen for yourself at:

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