Pet Sun Debut LP Harkens Back to Other Eras

Pet Sun

Sometimes, you hear something that takes you back to a certain time, place, or feeling.

When I listened to Pet Sun, I was returned to a 1990s adolescence I never had. I found my head bobbing to the sounds of Pet Sun’s debut LP, which were heartwarmingly similar to those of Nirvana, maybe a little bit of The Who, and a mix of other bands that were at their prime before I knew how to appreciate music.

Pet Sun Blends Genre Nostalgia

The grunge sounds of Pet Sun are mixed with pop, which makes for an interesting listen. The Toronto-based band is comprised of Stephane Senecal-Tremblay on vocals and guitar, Sam Rashid on guitar, Nic Arbour on bass, and Parth Jain on drums.

And these men evoke a bit of David Grohl, Pete Townsend, while I would never go so far as to suggest reincarnation, Kurt Cobain — to name a few.

I enjoyed listening to this album. “Web of Man” reminded me a little bit of The Who. It’s got a classic rock sound and its fun to listen to, although the lyrics are redundant and did not resonate with me at all. I enjoy deciphering lyrics, but I also enjoy a good tune to bob my head to, so I’d say this was a net positive.

“Mrs. Warp” — a cut from their precursor EP Shade Driver, released in January — sounds much more like Nirvana. It’s total grunge, which I love. It’s filled with flat vocals, uncomfortable chords, and sounds that conjure up an image of a blonde young man with painted nails wearing cartoonish glasses.

Maybe, if you’re into darker imagery (and you’re as tremendous a fan of Nirvana as I am), you imagine that guy with a slightly larger girl shooting up in an apartment in Portland. Either way, there’s a dark beauty to the pain, angst, and hopelessness.

The only song to make the jump from EP to LP was “Dark Planet,” which bridges the genres as well. It has the angst and fuzz of grunge, the structure of a classic rock song, and the attitude of a heavy metal outfit, like a Metallica. The epic three-minute instrumental outro was a fitting end to this song.

I’m excited to see what else Pet Sun has in store. I love the styles that have clearly inspired them, and I appreciate that they’re taking me back to a time I wasn’t old enough to experience.

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