The Finite Beings Prove We Are ‘A Shell Of What Could Be’

The Finite Beings

Let’s face it. The past few years have been a test. There have been some unimaginable dark times for our entire world. We have navigated our way through a worldwide pandemic and global unrest both politically and in war. We must be the light in this darkness. Our friends from The Finite Beings have lit their torch and welcome everyone to better times with the light of God leading the way.

The band based in New Jersey creates their own original sound in the alternative rock scene with a layer of faith added. With Michael Nicholas on Vocals/Lyrics and Drums, Donny DePaola on Guitars and Vocals as well as Hunter Kino on Guitars, The Finite Beings produce faith-driven alt/rock with a purpose. There is depth to the music that dives into faith, struggles and deeper issues of this world. But there always seems to be a sense of hope in their songs.

The newest EP from The Finite Beings is the powerful A Shell Of What Could Be. The 5 track record acts as a motivation to keep pushing and have faith that better times are ahead. Opening with “Untamed” we know right away this will be an energetic rock journey. The distorted guitars crash to create the backdrop for poignant and thought provoking lyrics. Alt rock at its best but with a meaning.

Music Video for ‘Untamed’ by The Finite Beings

There is a darker and more moody vibe to “The Shade” as a deeper guitar tone leads the way. We can definitely hear the 90’s grunge influence here. Excellent musicianship by The Finite Beings fills every corner of the soundscape. Top notch production on this one as well.

“Time Slave” continues this darker movement with a slower pace. The up and down beat allows the lyrics to sink and create thoughts in the listener’s mind. An interesting little guitar lick rolls around in my brain as well. This is one to ease into and just let it take you where it may.

Music Video for ‘Time Slave’

The EP closes with “Hope Is Sleeping In Grace’s Arms.” It is a heartfelt song encouraging us to find solace and peace even with all the hardships that life throws at us. The title is even more meaningful to the songwriter as his daughter (Hope) and niece (Grace) are what inspired the name. You can feel the emotion in the soaring vocals. A sweet little guitar solo shows off some more skills of the band. There is a lot to take in here both musically and introspectively.

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