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Noah Hoffeld lets us In his ‘Mobile Home’

As musicians we are an empathy-filled lot. The majority of us have a deep care for the world around us. When we can use our musical talent to create these feelings in others we have truly achieved greatness. Our recent discovery Noah Hoffeld has become a master at this with his upcoming album Mobile Home

Randy Bryan unleashes his ‘Hounds of Love’

Fate has a huge role in the creation of music. Certain artists will experience certain influences to guide their style. Artists will meet other artists to collaborate with, which will alter the direction of their music as well. This power of fate has brought us Randy Brian and  e.flamingo’s new version of “Hounds of Love.”

See Your Shadow tells Us ‘It Starts With Hello’

“It Starts With Hello” is the latest single from See Your Shadow Songwriting, a project headed by one Michael Coleman, also endearingly known as The Metropolitan Cowboy. He’s been laser focused lately on bringing country music back to the forefront, and he’s been hard at work this past year. The brand new song is the