Noah Hoffeld lets us In his ‘Mobile Home’

Noah Hoffeld

As musicians we are an empathy-filled lot. The majority of us have a deep care for the world around us. When we can use our musical talent to create these feelings in others we have truly achieved greatness. Our recent discovery Noah Hoffeld has become a master at this with his upcoming album Mobile Home set for release on November 18th. 

It has been a long and winding road for the talented musician. Classical music and the cello in particular were first loves for Noah Hoffeld. His talent was noticed early and he went on to study at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City. Playing the classic was never truly satisfying to him though so he developed his own style incorporating rock and pop to his classical training. Noah’s urge to spread a message of care for people and the planet is another huge factor in his music. Aa a longtime devotee of yoga and meditation, he believes in the power of contemplation and takes to heart Gandhi’s saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the World.”

This reaches new heights in a new way with his upcoming album Mobile Home. Co-produced with Mark Plati (Bowie, The Cure, Prince), Noah Hoffeld delivers a brand new sound that puts all of his talent and emotions together. 11 tracks of style and substance.

Opening with “Baby Face” we know immediately that something fresh is here for us. Synths and other sounds mesh together to create a unique backdrop for his emotion-fueled vocals. The title track “Mobile Home” turns up the synth energy with a beat that gets the blood pumping. Exotic sounds litter the spacy soundscape bringing reminiscence of classic David Bowie music. 

A slower and darker tone is taken on “Twenty Years” with a more minimal approach. The keyboard melody lays the groundwork as Noah Hoffeld shares lyrics that drip with emotion. The listener is drawn deep into the song to share in these feelings. “Born To Love” continues this vibe with an atmospheric sound that provides a warm and safe space for us to relax in his world.

Lead single ‘Born For America’ by Noah Hoffeld

This all comes to full fruition on the lead single “Born For America” as Noah Hoffeld puts it all out there for us. The slower piano line builds as layers are added with synths and a steady drum beat. Creating emotions seems to be an easy task for the songwriter. This is music to think to.

Perhaps the most rock inspired track is “Thick ‘n Thin” with its chugging groove setting the tone. Sliding in some interesting sounds adds to the ethos of his music. Nothing is straight, but it is relatable enough to bop too while still challenging the listener’s banality.

The bonus track “This Morning” opens with the sounds of his NYC home and takes multiple twists and turns into experimentation with a wide array of sounds creeping in and out as his vocals stand above. Each listen allows a different focus to take place. 

Quite a journey that will leave us all looking for more. Keep up with Mobile Home and what may be next on the WEBSITE of Noah Hoffeld.

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