Sometimes it takes a real turn in your life to finally force you to get up and go for your goals.  Music seems to be the benefit of these events often.  When a musician sees the risk of life passing by without at least taking a real shot at sharing your music with the world it can be extremely motivating.  Our recent find Amy Kress is a great example of this.

Amy Kress

The singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado always had the talent but couldn’t find the push she needed to follow through with a music career.  The traumatic news of the discovery of her breast cancer in the Spring of 2011 was the catalyst to fully commit to her music.  Amy knew right then that she needed to share her talents and passion with the world ASAP.  What makes her music even more relatable is her dedication to share her personal stories and real life experiences with her listeners instead of hiding behind the pop star curtain.  The strong voice of Amy Kress complements her passion to make each song memorable.

Just last week Amy Kress released her debut album Secret Music to the world.  The 14 track record features strong songs that she had been storing up over the years.  The opener “Signs” is a friendly electronica track with sound seeming to come at you from all angles.  The feature of the song though is Amy’s sweet yet strong voice.  The heartfelt emotion of the artist shines through on “The Crush”.  This is the effect of an artist unafraid to share music and feelings that are deep within her heart. The emotion continues of the soulful ballad with a twist “The Way I Want You”.  Her vocal range and sustain is very impressive throughout the toe tapping tune. The album closes with the exotic yet extremely poppy sounds of “Numb”  The variety of sounds echoing through the speakers makes for a full listen for even the most discerning ears.  The flow of this album seems like much more experienced than that of a debuting artist.  Keep a look out for what comes next at:

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