Great music is a worldwide language.  The sounds have a way of crossing boundaries with the use of talented musicians performing on instruments that in essence make the same noise no matter where they are based.  One of our goals this year is to explore and expose more great music throughout the world.  We had the honor few years ago of being introduced to the band Anodine.


The group based in Dusseldorf Germany has been building an epic alternative rock sound since their formation in 2008.  Lead songwriter Patrick Heyer uses inspiration from all aspects of life both awake and in dreams as the basis for Anodine’s interesting sound.  The music does not put itself into one style but instead explores multiple genres to become original in every way.

The men of Anodine have just released their second full length album entitled Hybrid.  The 9 track record is a full on sonic adventure worth a listen all the way through.  The opener “We Wanna Know” starts with a minimalistic grinding bass groove that builds to a powerful alt-rock song.  The hard rock/metal comes out on “WTF”.  There is an aggressive tone in the sound as well as Patrick’s vocals.  The breakdown shows his ability to switch his voice to whatever fits best with the instruments.  The tone is slowed down a little on “Stranger” which has the appeal of a beautifully written rock song.  The highs and valleys take the listener on a fun ride.  There is a dark feel to “Run” but the electronica added on gives it a full sound that demands the focus of anyone listening.  Anodine closes the album with a changeup on “I Walk Calmly Through The Fire”.  The acoustic guitar and atmospheric swooshes create an epic feel reminiscent of a classic Coldplay song.  It will always amaze me when a band can put together an album of tracks that can wind in and out of different genres but always stay true to the overall feel of the group.  Anodine has done this here.  FInd out more at:

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