Fashion and music have forever been linked.  From the earliest runway shows the soundtrack has played an integral part in creating the excitement needed.  Many musicians are well aware that it is imperative to have a keen fashion sense to appeal to the visual aspects of their fandom as well as the musical.  Our latest find Ivy Fox has been on both sides of this spectrum and now is exploding as a musical artist.

Ivy Fox

Miss Ivy Fox was born in Melbourne Australia to Latino parents that encouraged her to pursue whatever her true calling was.  Her first love was as a fashion stylist inspired by the nostalgia of spaghetti westerns and Tarantino films.  Her music continues that inspiration and flows into an original space that remains pop-friendly with a nostalgic twist.  Ivy has lived and performed all over Australia, America, Asia, and the U.K, collaborating with chart topping writers and soaking up all these experiences to add to her sound.

The latest release by Ivy Fox is the single “Money On You”.  Right from the start you can tell there is something fresh here with its exotic sounds flooding the soundscape.  Ivy’s sultry yet playful vocal style is very entertaining to follow.  The chorus is very catchy and has the touch of a  90’s pop song.  What stands out is the buildup and gentle let down of the backing beats that need multiple listen to fully take in.

Enjoy it for yourself here:

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  1. Amanda

    I saw her on Fashion Bloggers in the UK. Love her sound.

  2. Norma

    I saw her once while I was in Australia. I hope she comes to the US soon.

  3. Jane

    We love Ivy Fox! I must have heard Money On You a thousand times on Channel E already during Fashion Bloggers. Can’t wait to hear more!