Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice Tell Us About ‘Ada’

Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice

Music is often used to dive deeper into other disciplines. We can share ideas and real history through our songs without sounding like we are preaching. The listener can become aware of something new in an elegant and easy going way. Knowledge is power, and music can help add to both of these. Our friends from Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice are back with more of their unique brand of science music.

The collaboration based in Genova, Italy is the musical project of married couple Andrea Pizzo and Raffaella Turbino. The addition of Riccardo Morello to compose melodies and Roberto Tiranti to play all the instruments creates what we know as Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice. Together they create an innovative sound that focuses on science and all that surrounds it. There is no standard pattern here, just experimentation to create something that helps the listener think.

Music Video for ‘Ada’ by Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice

In October of 2022, Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice released their latest double single “Ada” as a taste of their upcoming second album. The lead track is dedicated to Ada Byron, countess of Lovelace, mathematician and scholar. She is considered the first programmer in history. A figure who has had a great impact in the history of science but unfortunately is not very well known. 

The relaxing indie-pop track eases us in with a melody that soothes the soul. As the vocals come in to grab our attention, an assortment of sounds blends together to wash over us. Singer Silvia Criscenzo lends her talents to bring the song to a higher level. The lyrics give us something to think about as the chorus dives in as an ode to the magic and power of our brains. Some interesting guitar tones meander throughout the song to allow both the beauty and the meaning to sink in. 

A truly entertaining if not mind bending music video accompanies the song to let our eyes become part of the sonic exploration. The artwork of Raffaella flashes across the screen to allow our full intention to the music and soul.

There is much more to come and much more for us to experience. Keep up with Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice on their WEBSITE.

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