Andrew Gerard Interview – Friends Equal Success

Andrew Gerard

In this crazy music world, we all need some help. In addition to working hard, you need to make the connections that will help you in both life and music. Our friend Andrew Gerard is a very fun and friendly guy. This has made him some amazing connections that have helped him achieve some major success and it looks like more is just around the corner. We had the chance to speak with Andrew and get some insight into his rising fame.

You have had many professions in the entertainment world. How would you say they got you to where you are today?

In the beginning, I was under the impression someone bighad to see you or discoverand I realized pretty quick that I had to discover myself. TV was a massive amount of exposure, but I think whether its for 1 million people or 1 you have to be able to do whatever you do well enough to have an impact and affect people. Its not about making people like you, they just have to be able to get who you are, and why you do what you do.

How would you describe your sound?

I read a review that called me a neo-soul acoustic pop artistI had to google Neo soullol

I think my sound is simple and uncluttered, I like simple. Mostly its my guitar and voice that tell shape the tone of the music. I have just started to assemble a live band and its exciting. Nothing beats live instruments. Well I write everything on my acoustics I have 4 and each one inspires a different feel.

Your last record Two Birds had some top notch pop production. How were you able to get that feel?

I am very lucky that a close friend who is like a brother to me Ran Pink. He has produced every song I have done with the exception of Perfect Illusion which was done by another great friend Danny Craig. Ran is a very spiritual dude, and listens extremely well. He understands what I am trying to say and guides me through the entire process.

Rumor is you are working on another album now. Will Ran Pink be producing again?

Absolutely. I cant imagine not working with Ran and the peeps at Fonogenic. Of course Scott Young is another person i owe so much to, he has tracked most of my baritone guitar and vocals here in Vancouver at Alchemy sound studios in New Westminster in his boutique studio. I love that place.


Your music videos seem to be big productions as well. Tell us about how Our Last Goodbyecame together?

Well like I said I have the best support from friends and this video was shot and directed by one of my best friends Chris Fisher. Chris lives in Vancouver and we hang out all the time, he has been there supporting me through the entire music journey and for him to bring his talent to my music is amazing. The video was shot in LA at the Salton Sea. Fisher finished a TV series called Aftermath he was working on in Vancouver and flew down to LA to party with Ran and I for a few days. When Chris heard Our Last Goodbye he immediately said We have to drive to the Salton Sea immediatelyI have a very cool friend in LA, Yigal Mesika, and he gave us his Aston Martin db9 and we hit the highway, 300 miles in 120 degree weather. when we got there it was like being on another planet at sunset! We had 1 hour to shoot until the sun was gone. it was so windy and loud and the sand was blowing in my face I had to wear my glasses to be able to keep my eyes open. the final shot Chris wanted the sky to be a special visual effect so my friend Terry Marriot, who has done FX in films like Harry Potter, Inception, etc., stepped in and created some magic.

We also heard the next video has a big surprise. Give us the news.

Yes! The song is called Falling to Piecesand its about question your mind and sanity. I think everyone has or will go through a point in their life when they feel like they are losing it a little. For me, it was after I was rear-ended in a car accident. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and went through some dark days of recovery. I never talked about it. Music is amazing that way, I can sing about stuff I would never say in conversation. Anyway, the star of Aftermath Anne Heche, heard the song on set and she loved it and agreed to be in the music video. Its still a little strange to think that a song somehow managed to connect me and her. She is amazing, and of course, Chris Fisher is to thank for the music video. the cinematography reflects the feeling of not having a clear sight of whats real, and at the same time celebrates this somewhat liberating feeling that comes from it.

What is on the horizon for Andrew Gerard?

Up to this point music has just been a hobby, and to be honest I never even planned to release the first album, I just recorded these songs to have for me and my friends and family. Now that the album is doing well, I signed a deal with a major film licensing company in the USA and the first single Herehas been picked up as a soundtrack and theme song to a film called Sanctuary.  I think I am going shift gears and take it very serious. I have 4 songs left to record for the second album and going into rehearsals with the live band then hit the road to do the tour. I think being able to sing and play my guitar live is like the reward for all the hard work. I love small intimate venues and cant wait to get out there.

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