DYK – Studio Project Explodes Into More


You never know exactly what will come from a couple musicians just playing together for fun.  Magic can happen when thoughts are aligned and each band member adds their own element to create something much bigger than the sum of its parts.  Our recent find DYK seemed to come out of nowhere and is now on the verge of making a big splash in the music world.

The progressive hard rock band began in a garage studio as a production project.  The core of the DYK (or Do You Know) is  JE Zerpa (drums, percussion) and Oscar Fanega (bass guitar, backing vocals) soon realized that their arrangements and ideas were becoming powerful songs that were tackling political and social issues as well as the daily reality among the average people.

The broad sound spectrum of DYK uses pop, rock, electronic, and progressive elements to that puts a fresh face on the 1980’s rock that influenced them.  Bands such as The Police, Rush, Peter Gabriel, and Depeche Mode can all be heard in the DYK sound.  

The addition of a vocalist known as The Ghost has taken the group to even bigger heights.  His powerful rock sound pairs perfectly with the distortion and energy of the rhythm section.  Now DYK can add the lyrics to truly relay their message of changing the world for good and eliminating all the hate and negativity that is all too present in society today.

Powerful “All Criminals” Video by DYK


Last month, DYK released their debut album, World Without Face.  The eclectic sound is featured perfectly in lead single “All Criminals”.  The attack of the vocals makes any listener stand up and pay attention.  The energy that exudes from the speakers is invigorating.  The groove of the bass line adds a separate element that makes the body want to move.  The power of the song will achieve DYK’s goal of making people see the track that their lives are going and stand up now to alter the course and change the world.  
Keep up with DYK and learn more on their WEBSITE.

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