LunariaN Debuts Strongly With ‘Refined Anomalium’


The lure of creating music is just too great. After having the taste of creating full songs that people listen to and enjoy there is no real escape. Even if time passes as other aspects of life get in the way, the draw to come back to music is a tough one to resist. It has been a while but LunariaN is back with more new music.

The four-piece band hails from South Jakarta in Indonesia. LunariaN is comprised of multi-talented frontman Rivelino Ismaya, lead guitarist Anink Edyso, bass player Immanuel Willy, and drummer Ekky Setiawan. Together they create an experimental rock sound that is truly explosive. 

After taking a break from the music scene for 7 years, LunariaN dipped their toe back in with 4 singles released so far in 2023. The lure of music hooked them hard though and we have now just received their debut full-length album, Refined Anomalium. The 8-track record includes some songs that had been sitting on the sidelines for over a decade. A little “refining” and the songs came together as good as they could be. Fresh and ready for 2023.

The album opens with the spacey piano melody and spoken word of “Proclamation: Phantoms.” Soon the track bursts into an all out prog-rock explosion. Energy oozes from the speakers as LunariaN powers through. Some diversity is shown with the carnival-like rock of “Noble Mind Traveler” with its exotic beat and instrumental sounds meshed in. (I think I hear some accordion in there!)

“Moon Citizen” starts off with the spacey feel you would expect with that title. There is a darker vibe running through this one as the vocal shifts to a different tone. The power builds throughout as it crashes into a mass of sounds coming together to paint a musical picture. This vibe continues on “Generation Of A Deadline” with a steady marching beat pairing with some atmospheric sounds to fill up the sonic space. 

Each track has its own flavor but the mood and feel are present throughout. The album closes with “A Quarter Past Sorrow” and its evocative vocal delivery. The beat builds up as the song builds adding more emotion and power as it grows. Leaving us with the most emotional track definitely keeps the listener wanting more and looking forward to what LunariaN has in store for us next.

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