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Accidental President

For a band that is willing to keep their heads down and keep pushing ahead, success will come. The music business is not an easy one but that is what makes it worthwhile for the dedicated and passionate to put in the blood, sweat, and tears. Recent discovery Accidental President has put in the time and effort and is now ready for the success with their self-titled debut album.

The Sydney, Australia based female-fronted band has formed their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences. Adding to their intrigue and performance, Accidental President throws in a theatrical flair to grab all of your senses. 

The band is composed of Bethany Neville on lead vocals, Dave Ben Lee on Guitars, and Leon Cadden on Drums. The skill they bring to the table works perfectly together to craft something that is impossible to turn away from.

Today, July 1st, 2020, Accidental President releases their long coming eponymous debut album. The 9 track record is chock full of angular riffs, melodic hooks, and in-your-face vocals. The opener “Hopes & Dreams” eases us in with an atmospheric veil to soothe us into their world. As the guitars attack at the 1:30 mark, we know Accidental President is in full control of our ears for the next hour. 

Experience the ‘Rotten Child’

Lead single “Rotten Child” continues the guitar assault but the highlight here is the ever-powerful vocals of Bethany. She is a larger than life character that is impossible to take your eyes off of. An accompanying music video only furthers this belief.

We take a turn into a more progressive sound with “Warrior Soul”. Sounds seem to come from every angle to fill the sonic space. As the track builds the emotion comes hard. The song becomes a reflection on the colonialisation of indigenous people of Australia, in particular, Standing Rock. Accidental President is not afraid to wear their beliefs on their sleeves.

“The King is Dead” continues this expert exploration of instrumentation. Dave Ben Lee is truly a master of the rock guitar. The inspiration of the classic masters of the instrument through hard rock’s past can be felt mightily. There is war both in the instrumentation and the emotional delivery of the vocals.

The closer “Letting Go” seems to soften up in preparation for the listener to go back to their everyday life. The deep feelings remain providing a personal journey of dealing with the ability to move on from bad experiences. We can all relate. With Accidental President by our side, we can all be survivors.

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