Angel And Co Asks ‘Can I Get A Witness’

Angel And Co

Music is always growing and expanding. As the world has gotten smaller our ability to connect and collaborate continues to expand. Finding like-minded people to create music with has become easier. This has led to amazing songs finding their way into the world. Our recent discovery of Angel And Co has added another one.

The London-based project was born out of art from multiple forms. Covent Garden, the art center of London, was the inspiration for Angel And Co. The actors, singers, dancers, and artists provided the push to create something fresh and unique. The internet helped connect with people from all over to collaborate and create the new sound. 

The newest track by Angel And Co is “Can I Get A Witness.” An assortment of influences from the indie and pop rock genres provides the backdrop. Smooth production blends it seamlessly. Guitars squeal with delight as an exotic beat pushes the track along. The vocals are delivered with emotion to paint a picture and draw in the listener. The catchy chorus will be stuck in your head way after the song concludes.

You can link with more from Angel and Co HERE.

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