Sun Gypsy Annie O’Malley Shares “Golden” EP

Sharing her newest EP is singer/songwriter Annie O’Malley. The EP titled Golden is a 7-track release where she aims to be a “positive influence for her generation.”

O’Malley pulls from different experiences from her teenage years, and takes this time to face feelings of loneliness, self-empowerment, and even love. The mix of her experiences makes Golden a relatable exploration of thoughts and emotions. 

Her first song “Mrs. Nice” shares feelings of fun and memories of good times. It’s an interesting mix of singer/songwriter with an EDM twist. Similarly, “Island” has highlights of that musical style, but with a stronger pull in the pop direction. “Golden Doves” has beautiful acoustics, melodies, and killer harmonies, and again, a relatable story that I’m sure we can all appreciate. 

My favorite song off of Golden is “You’re The Drug.” lyrics like “you’re the drug and I wanna be sober…” are those moments of relatable material that she preaches her music has. There’s also amazing movement between her vocal registers that make for a clean and smooth performance. “For You” has a wonderful message beneath the words. The lyrics are just so relatable and the instrumentation is free-spirited, but there’s still a sense of structure and intensity. 

“This Is Us” is a lovely contemporary love song. It’s the kind of music I love to listen to on an average day, and the overall production of the song creates a very warm and welcoming embrace. Closing out the album is “Planet Golden” with an incredible piano interlude. It’s a beautiful and fulfilling sendoff to wrap everything up.

Golden is a cohesive creation where all the songs work well with one another to tell a united story from O’Malley’s point of view. Be sure to keep up with her musical endeavors with her socials below!

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