“I Need You” To Pay Attention to Silent Gnomes

With how uncertain and chaotic the times are right now the world can not get enough positive, upbeat music and Silent Gnomes are here to deliver. This dream-pop act set up roots in Seattle but moved to Baltimore and are now helping sweep the East Coast off of their feet.

Making the most of our time in quarantine, Silent Gnomes is gracing us with a double A-side single “I Need You/Come Back To Me.” Out May 15th, this single hones in on love and the in’s and out’s of yearning for and finding it.

“The tracks don’t have any real twist to them lyrically, as I wanted to write in the abstract of universal themes like longing of love.” – Samir Chandra (vocalist/founder)

The first track “I Need You” has all of the quintessential beauty that exists in classic 90’s alt-pop. Bright, uplifting, and incredibly catchy, this single perfectly captures the feeling of having a crush. Bringing you a tune that could be placed into a 90’s rom-com, you’ll find yourself completely illuminated by “I Need You.” The melody will immediately hook you in and the upbeat instrumentals will keep you engaged in a way that the Silent Gnomes are known for.

Playing on the other side of love, “Come Back To Me” is all about waiting for a lost love to return to you. And while this half of the release is less innately positive than “I Need You” you don’t feel the deep sorrow associated with lost love. Piano brilliantly dances with Samir’s bright voice, creating the right blend of tones to emit the emotions within “Come Back To Me.”

“I Need You” and “Come Back To Me” work together and provide balance for each other, making this a very well-rounded release. Silent Gnomes are keeping the sounds of 90’s dream-pop alive and well in a time where inspiration from that decade are lacking. So turn on Never Been Kissed, pop open a bottle of wine, and enjoy all that Silent Gnomes can offer you.

You can find Silent Gnomes discography on BandCamp

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