Anthems For The Abandoned Are “Dead Again”

Philadelphia metal band, Anthems for the Abandoned have been making waves in the new year. Diligently working to grow their fanbase the band has amassed just shy of 13,500 followers on TikTok and they have truly translated into fans. With the release of their debut single “Dead Again” on February 25th they’ve seen a surge of over 12,000 Spotify streams in the first month and frequent radio play in their hometown of Philadelphia.

“Dead Again” showcases what this band is here for, and that is heavy hitting, impactful music. True to their namesake, they are providing listeners with an anthem for the lost and abandoned. This track has the intensity and fire you’re looking for in a rock/metal single and proves that Anthems for the Abandoned has the moxie it takes to make it.

Watch the video for “Dead Again” below

This track is dynamic with instrumentals that are reminiscent of everything you love about 80’s/90’s metal but with a modern touch. Vocals soar above the music, groaning in your ears complimenting the instrumentals perfectly. And the lyrics are true to what Anthems for the Abandoned are known for, they are heartfelt, powerful, and inspiring.

For a band just seeing the release of their debut single, it’s clear that Anthems for the Abandoned are here to hustle and make a name for themselves in this world. With music as powerful as “Dead Again” I think it’s safe to say that they’re going to succeed.

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