Apothek Release “Reunion,” Third Gorgeous Single


Regular Indie Band Guru readers might remember our own Andrew Tobia’s praise for electronic music makers Apothek on their slow, brooding track, “Waiting for the Thunder,” which dropped earlier this year.

He’s not alone in having this opinion; The Norwegian duo, comprised of singer-songwriter Morten Myklebust and producer Nils Martin Larsen, has received nods from The Guardian, Noisey, Q Magazine, and many others on their previous back-to-back singles.

Apothek Continue Teasing Album

At the end of May, the group released their third single and most recent track, “Reunion,” taken from a forthcoming debut album that’s set to drop later this year. The song, a notable departure from the dark, stirring tones of “Waiting for the Thunder,” is yet another indicator that we can expect an impressive full-length album from the Oslo-based duo.

Compared to their two previous singles, “Reunion” is a much airier track with melodic crests and troughs. The lyrics are lighter as well, almost to the point of making a joke in the chorus, as Myklebust sings, “The grand echo held its speech / in the radio silence / hung around like an ex with keys.”

This song, like their other singles, slowly adds percussion elements and synths to the crescendo of sound throughout the song. Myklebust begins by singing the lyrics in somewhat electronic a cappella fashion while layers of his own vocals harmonize in the background. By the final chorus, however, the listener is tumbling through a dynamic, kaleidoscopic soundscape.

When browsing Apothek’s website, I noticed similarities between their minimalist logo and that of DJ and fellow Norwegian Kygo. It got me thinking that fans of his would also likely enjoy Apothek’s music, as they share a chilled out, downtempo style — a refreshing contrast from some of the chaotic, bass-dropping, Molly-popping EDM sounds out there.

Give Apothek a listen for yourself on Soundcloud or Spotify and let us know what you think.

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