There’s just something about Nordic countries. They have an uncanny — though undoubtedly beautiful — habit of giving the world some truly great music, often of an electronic bent.

Sigur Ros, perhaps predictably, is the first group that comes to my mind. Probably yours, as well. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that they’ve had an influence on not only you and I, but on Apothek, as well.

Apothek is a relatively young duo from Oslo, Norway. Vocalist Morten Myklebust and producer Nils Martin Larsen have only been playing together since 2014, though they have a habit of touring extensively. Officially they’ve only put out two songs — the second, “Waiting for the Thunder,” was released last Friday in advance of their debut LP, expected later this year from Propeller Recordings.

This track is, simply put, stunning.

Myklebust’s vocals, which sound like a cross between Jónsi Birgisson and Ben Gibbard, are hauntingly beautiful. He hits his highs as skillfully as he does his lows, and has a marvelous atonal slide for that touch of real unique character.

Musically, “Waiting for the Thunder” starts slow and moody, plodding along almost dirge-like. Chirping electronics kick in at the first chorus and the mood instantly lightens — you literally feel a weigh come off your chest.

Then you’re plunged back into the verse, deeper and fuller this time around. There’s a palpable hopefulness in it as it builds, quickly, to an aurally and emotionally stirring crescendo of barely, and yet perfectly, controlled electronic near-chaos.

It sounds the way it feels after a violent summer thunderstorm has passed.

It sounds the way a first kiss feels.

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