Dombresky Reaches for Perfection

Hailing from the home of EDM giants like David Guetta, Madeon, and DJ Snake, French-born Dombresky has officially hit the dance music scene, dropping his debut EP Reaching Perfection last week. Totaling just over 11 minutes, the three-track EP is short compared to traditional house music, but it had me grooving in my seat from start to finish.

From the very first twang of the bass 15 seconds into the EP’s leading track “Hardcore,” I was hooked. I shut my eyes and began bopping my head and shoulders, imagining I was dancing at a hipster- and smoke-filled Williamsburg warehouse party. The voice sample in the track asked, “So you wanna be hardcore?” and goddamnit, I said yes.

Throughout the EP, Dombresky perfectly achieves the balance of progressively building a beat and layering sounds without ever overdoing it. In true deep house fashion, the tracks on Reaching Perfection don’t have extensive lyrics, but the shifting beats do more than enough to carry the songs.

The second track, “Overtime,” starts to wake you up a bit, carrying more of a dynamic melody. Dombresky sprinkles in some quieter moments — never fully dropping the bass, but always building suspense about when and how the chorus would be rearranged.

“Pass Me the Lighter” felt the most upbeat of all three tracks, definitely making it an appropriate finale. A little bit longer than the first two songs, this track really showcases Dombresky’s ability to play around with rhythm and create a beat that gives you no choice but to tap your feet.

Bottom line: This EP needs to play at your next party. These tracks have the versatility to create the perfect background vibe at your apartment or to get everyone on the dance floor of the club.

You can hear the full Reaching Perfection EP here.

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