The Soul Touchers – Passion To Help The World Crosses All Boundaries

When a musician really dives into their music their real emotions and beliefs will come through into their music.  Luckily in the community of musicians there are many who can relate to this and will often find each other.  Such seems to be the story of our recent discovery The Soul Touchers.

Adopt the World

The songwriting team is made up of TJWay and Erin Gannon Simms.  Although one is from South Wales, UK and the other is from Ottawa, Canada, the power and connectivity of the internet has again shrunk the world to have the two connect over a mutual respect of each other’s music.  

The Soul Touchers collaborated, writing and co producing the heartfelt EP Angels All Around Us to help benefit and support children’s battle with Leukemia.  The first single is called “Adopt The World”.  The track is meant to encourage the dream of world peace and love for all Mankind.  Right from the pretty melody to begin the song and the emotion laced vocals of Erin Gannon Simms an air of feelings will fill your mind.  As you pay attention to the lyrics you will want to join in the cause to make this a better world.  Find out more about The Soul Touchers at: 

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  1. Keith Pro, We are honoured to be featured on Indie Band Guru website.
    Thank you for your professionalism & support.
    The reviews I have read on here so far, are all, A+++ Class and
    Engaging. Really awesome reads and artists to browse through and get to know.
    Thanks very much for Embracing us, and for sharing the soul touchers
    music and missions in life. It is very much appreciated.
    My Best wishes to you always; TJWay of The Soul Touchers

    The.Soul.Touchers Mission Statement:
    To touch hearts and make a difference through music.
    By adopting the World One Heart at a time’