Joshua Speers Says Let’s See “Other People”

Los Angele’s Joshua Speers has a new song out. Other People debuted on Friday, August 21st. Following the release of his first EP earlier this year, Josh continues to develop through his music, themes of heartbreak, self discovery, and what to do when things fall apart.

Listing Bruce Springsteen and Carly Rae Jepson as his “musical parents”, Speers creates music reminiscent of guitar heavy, 80s inspired sound. It’s been a tough road to get to LA. Starting in Denver, Josh worked numerous jobs from a carpenter, to a busboy, to a nanny, on his cross-country journey to stardom. But his passion for writing and sharing his music drove him West.

Other People Video:

This video is personal, seeing Josh go back to his roots to shoot it. It feels like growing up, and will cause many to reminisce about where they come from, and the experiences that made them who they are.

On how he feels about this video…

“This feels like the most honest video I’ve made, it’s just me, walking through the places that made me who I am.”

If you like this, there is more to come when Josh releases the rest of his EP this fall. “Summerland is optimism just barely holding off a breakdown.” Get Joshua Speers Summerland EP released via Warner on September 18th.

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