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Dejhare’s New Single Shines On Life “Without You”

Dejhare was a corporate woman who discovered her passion for musical creativity while working in her enclosed office space. Dejhare savors the sounds of R&B, Soft Rock, and World Beat, but her penmanship comes from the edifice of Blues music. After a slew of singles, Dejhare recently released her newest single titled “Without You”. “Without

The Eiffels Invite Us To “Spin Around”

Electro-pop group The Eiffels have honed a consistent, dance rock sound for years now, and now, fresh from last year’s Vans Warped Tour, they’ve released a brand new single “Spin Around.” Though they’ve been active since 2015, the Eiffels have yet still to release a full LP, creating a somewhat rare chronology of the evolution