ELEO Accepts Romantic Defeat in His Music Video for ‘Use Me’

ELEO is a young, aspiring R&B singer who has an interesting history bouncing back from the U.S. to China throughout his life. ELEO reached initial recognition when he won first place in the North American segment of a Chinese singing competition, Starboy. His time on the show proved that music was ELEO’s passion and with parents as Opera singers, it is obvious that ELEO has an appropriate genetic capability for his voice.

‘Use Me’ is a single from his recent ’24 O’Clock’ project recently released. A music video that depicts ELEO in love with an older woman who eventually backstabs him is the background visual for the song. The single is a fairly forgettable but significant point in ELEO’s reach for musical recognition. His voice takes the center of attention, with a few guitar strings and drum snares to gently play in the background.

The music video shifts back and forth between two settings. ELEO is seen singing on the staircase in his blue-grained home. The other setting is filmed in a black-and-white filter where shots of his lover idling in a swimming pool or both of them in a shower emit somewhat untrustworthy or mischevious aesthetic.

While the lyrics vocalize a story of insatiable lust, the music video portrays a story of lust and mistrust, which may enhance the overall meaning behind ELEO’s feelings towards this track. ELEO soft voice range fits perfectly in short narrative about musisue and nihilistic acceptance. The single isn’t bad by any means. At this time of the publication of this post, the single (uploaded on YouTube by Popular Music) had amassed nearly 800,000 views. ELEO has a good amount of talent to enhance his music career.

Starting off a music career with this amount of notoriety is surely impressive and whatever formula ELEO decides to implement into his future is up to him and his creative aspirations. Surely, someone will continue to listen to him.

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