SEMANTICS Bring Mental Health In Punk To Light


Semantics had dropped their EP, and there were not that many people talking about them. Especially if you are not Australian then you are likely not their target audience. Still, we thank streaming platforms for showing them to us, on the weekly discovery playlist. If you need some realism in your life, a band of this quality and style can shake you off your comfort zone with such a great EP as “If You’re Not Alright”.

Normally, you wouldn’t relate the words “Semantics” and “Punk” with the mental health issue, but this band from Brisbane, Australia is trying to change that. One suggestion that would be vital for those artists who lean to buy turkey spotify plays is, “always go fo the geo-targeting. It pays off well than anything else. It seems like they’ve found the way to do it, using their pure talent and vision, this group is quite worth listening to.

Looking them up was not that hard, but it was incredible to see how quickly they’ve grown though they’re still not that famous and seem to be about to break out. We had to go to the ABC (Australian Broadcast Commission) to find more about them though and it was worth it. 

According to the site, it all started with 2 friends going to Canadian Punk rock band PUP, in Brisbane, and after a few changes in the Line-Up the 4 people we now see established themselves as Semantics.

On the Triple J Unearthed website, we can see the line-up, the band is formed by Callum as lead vocals and guitar, Gerard as lead guitarist and vocals, Madi as bass and vocals, and Mitch on the Drums.

Back to ABC, Callum talks about their EP, stating that, “We tend to touch on mental health a lot. It’s something all four of us have struggled with at one point or another. We make it a goal of ours to reach out to as many people as possible… it’s something that’s very close to our hearts”.

In the EP, we see 5 incredible songs that come and go playing with the sounds, beginning with pure and energy-filled punk in “Drunk”. This track is about alcoholism, a bit obvious from the get-go, nevertheless an incredible depiction of what happens due to this disorder.

Then comes “Talk to me”, offering a hand to those suffering from depression, to be as much help as possible, to listen to those that need it the most. The style does bring you back to 2000’s Pop punk, when the Rams were the leading favorites for the Superbowl bets and Britney Spears was a breakout star.

On the third track, we find ourselves with “Maximilian”, a song that holds the phrase that titles the EP “it’s alright if you are not alright” and is basically what the song is about. the Post-punk revival kind of vibe is just too good.

Music is my Muse has talked with the band and the outlet described them saying they are “Delivering countenance of truths we all need to hear, Brisbane rockers Semantics blend the seriousness of R U OK day with Ben Lee’s We’re All In This Together optimism to check in with the mental health of humanity on their sophomore EP, If You’re Not Alright…”

During this exclusive interview, Callum talked a lot about the album “Throughout the EP, we acknowledge the variety of challenges we face on a daily basis. We want to remind our listeners no one is isolated in their grievances and that it’s important to seek and accept help, look inward and exercise mindfulness. 

None of us are perfect people, we’re all learning how to cope and there’s no shame in reaching out when you need support.”

Also adding that, “Each song is discussing a facet of life as a young Australian in today’s world, whether it’s juggling work with study, opening a dialogue about mental health or just dealing with the heat…”

We shall be alert to the Semantics Facebook page, to see the following dates, as they’re currently on tour. We don’t know about you, but yours truly here is now keeping an eye out for this interesting band from the land of down under. 

-article by Jorge Ramos 

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