Hellocentral Brings The Heat With New EP

Four members of alt-rock band hellocentral in the sunshine

The boys of hellocentral dropped their newest release, Heatwave, this past week. The short EP bodes well with temperatures that continue to rise as we reach summer’s end. A mix of pop punk and alt-rock, these tracks bring back our fondest memories of Warped Tour, reckless freedom and youthful angst.

Not Your Average Punk Rock

Listeners may recall the nasal tone of Tom DeLonge from the legendary rock band Blink-182. The opening track of Heatwave hits a similar chord due to its atmospheric introduction and harmonious chorus. Frontman Cody Smith sings, “Nine thirty on a Saturday night, watch the electric sky from my bedroom window/Hijack my fight or flight response and I’ll just keep my head low.” This track heavily emphasizes the freedom of the skies, not unlike DeLonge’s other popular alt-rock project, Angels and Airwaves. Like DeLonge, the members of hellocentral are well on their way to transcending the boundaries of pop punk with this type of sound.

The track “Feels Like Home” appeals to the softer side of rock fans, even while maintaining high energy. The prominent bassline provides a sense of stability, which the singer craves as he reflects on his own loneliness. This track is about the longing we experience as we grow up and the instinct to return to familiarity when we realize how far we’ve come.

The EP wraps up with an abbreviation of epic proportions. “LSOF” (short for Lit Shit On Fire”) encapsulates the turmoil of a relationship where two partners can’t get on the same page regardless of their love for each other. Adoration can only get you so far and “LSOF” reminds listeners how important communication is after lust burns out.

Hellocentral: Not Just For West Coasters Anymore

Justin Jokinen, Cody Smith, Rob Knox, and Frank McGinn released hellocentral’s first EP in 2018. Since then, they have taken Denver by storm, booking performances at a slew of venues before COVID-19 hit. The popularity of their unique sound has reached beyond the confines of Colorado, accumulating fans in influential cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

Heatwave is now available on all streaming platforms. To learn more about hellocentral’s music and upcoming performances, visit their Facebook page.

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