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2020 has already seen Anna Wolf release the impressive singles “Helmets” and “Cocaine”. Now she returns with something a little different with her latest offering “The Unfamiliar”. For this, she has teamed up with Pop Morrison (alias of Jamie Morrison, drummer of Stereophonics). They have come together to create a track for the independent horror movie of the same name. 

While working on “The Unfamiliar”, Wolf says “We took a metaphorical approach with it to convey the forever-building eerie tone of the film. The lyrically-driven track is also an homage to the nostalgia that the film evoked in me as a fan of The Shining and Hitchcock’s Psycho”. Together, they created a song and music video which the film’s director and co-writer Henk Pretorius says “Anna Wolf and Pop Morrison’s music dreamily conveys the dark lure of The Unfamiliar. I got emotional when I heard what they created”.

As the song opens, there is a slightly eerie feel. It is done by the way the various musical instruments interweave with each other. Soon, Wolf’s vocals come in, which reflects the mood. She begins the tale with “I have been here all before / Hoping and waiting for change / Heathens haunt me heathens lost / I chose you”.

It is hard not to appreciate the way these words are delivered. She can reflect the feel of the song but also adds a captivating quality to her storytelling. Wolf continues to impress further as, during the track, she changes the tempo and mood with her voice. For example, she explodes into life with lines such as “And in the morning they were gone. But then switches the tone during “The unfamiliar begun” and during the lines “I have felt the wave in it all / The dark and the light stayed / Walking slowly down my brain /I found you” with its eerie tone.

Wolf understands how the right delivery can give words additional impact. This quality shines during the song’s outro as she delivers “I have been here now time to let go / I have searched and searched away / I chose you / I chose / You”. It has a compelling creepiness that has a strange beauty to it.

As much as Wolf steals the show, credit needs to go to Pop Morrison for the atmospheric mood that he creates. His guitar adds so much to the feel of the song. However, the unsung hero goes to the way he mixed the reverberating backing vocals. The result has created a haunting sound within the background. You know it’s there, floating about, occasionally stealing your attention. Like a weird feeling, you can’t shake off.

Anna Wolf shares an eerie tale with ‘The Unfamiliar’ that will have you hooked

“The Unfamiliar” is yet another example of the creative talent of Anna Wolf. She understands the importance of sharing a story and uses her voice with impressive effect. This collaboration with Pop Morrison has enhanced this quality. Together they have created a song which has a weird eerie beauty that is wonderful to hear. Press play and let this duo share their tale with you.

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