Brandon Phillips and The Condition Takes You To “Sunrise”

Bank robbers, bohemians and rockstars don’t usually have a lot in common, but in the music video for Brandon Phillips and The Condition’s new single “Sunrise,” they’re roles that the members of this band will play – and embrace – with panache. The video’s visuals are a simple but intriguing frame for the soundtrack, the real star of the show, and as we listen to the beat beneath the melodic ribbonry in the music, it’s quite obvious that Brandon Phillips and The Condition aren’t a status quo pop/rock syndicate. They’re looking to go big or go home in “Sunrise,” and for my money, they break off a really memorable hit. 

Aside from the video, the hook in this track alone makes it quite the interesting listen for those of us who like pop music that blurs the line between past and present songcraft. It’s clear these guys like their old school pop as much as they do their new school alternative rock, and thanks to the masterful arrangement of the instrumentation, we get a full serving of each alongside a groove complementary to both styles. It’s a nice step away from the overly-psychedelic pop of their peers, much of which feels druggy rather than postmodern. 

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After three years of producing consistently fun singles, this is one band that is more than ready to give their fans the LP they’ve long awaited. “Sunrise” is a good measurement of growth for Brandon Phillips and The Condition, and if it’s indicative of the style they want to be known for, they’re going to have an easy time segueing from the underground to the mainstream. Theirs might not be the only single/video combo you should be checking out this month, but it’s certainly among my favorite new indie rock listens to debut this summer. 

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