‘Under the Water’ By Lyra Star Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Lyra Star’s name alone can tell a listener a lot about the sound she is trying to obtain. Star’s music strives for a partially dreamy sound. When listening to ‘Under the Water’, the new single from Lyra Star, one is struck with the distinct lack of instrumentation and the focus on Star’s vocals and the use of beat-boxing. Without the use of instruments, the listener is able to focus on her voice and the lyrics. It helps to ground the song and assists in achieving the ethereal tones that Star is working toward.

The song finds its place somewhere between folk and pop, making it a calming and almost hypnotizing experience. The meaning for ‘Under the Water’ relies on the singer’s personal experience. It mostly has to do with Star making a move to the West Coast from her hometown of Nashville. However, it is also deeply rooted in Star’s love for the water and the ocean. It creates a sense of genuine longing for the water. It creates a sense of homesickness for a place you may never have visited.

However, a listener can find their own meaning in ‘Under the Water’ because it strives to tap into something that many of us have experienced; the difficulty of leaving the place you grew up to pursue your dreams, the struggle to break free from your shell, and the something devastating path that you must take to achieve your dreams. There is a sense of ethereal nostalgia that comes along with the song that does not bog the song down. Instead, it keeps it fresh.

Star wrote ‘Under the Water’ from a very specific perspective. However, what makes it special is its ability to find relatability. This is an incredibly stressful time when many of us need a calming song that has a genuinely positive message. Indeed, ‘Under the Water’ is a welcome track to find. Another uniqueness to ‘Under the Water’ is the lack of focus on outside relationships. Instead, the attention it pays is to what is happening in one’s inner-self.

That’s what makes it so refreshing; it is really a song about self-care and self-love. This is what’s vital in a time when one’s own reality must inevitably be what we focus on. ‘Under the Water’ is almost a meditative experience. If you want to listen to a rare song that stands out as special, this single is a good choice. ‘Under the Water’ by Lyra Star is currently available.

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