Fred Ftheki Is Anything But “Defeated”

There is something so oddly alluring and frustrating with anonymity. It peaks your greatest curiosities and lets your mind explore, but you’re never fully settled. Milan’s Fred Ftheki is invigorating those emotions, not divulging too much about himself and letting the music speak for itself. The only information you’ll be able to find on Ftheki is the Greek letter, delta; a symbol of change.

Recently Fred released a single titled “Defeated” which perfectly coincides with his incognito vibe. The video to correspond with the song features a black screen with various small white symbols flashing across it, and very much exudes an ANONYMOUS feel to it.

Chill and atmospheric, “Defeated” gives you a digital element without being overtly electronic. This makes it a perfect listen for those who are just dipping their toes into any electronic music. “Defeated” immediately draws you in and entrances you with it’s hypnotic tones and repetitive elements.

The song begins slowly, with just a few simple digital elements and then starts to build with a drum pattern sure to keep you in line. The fusion between the two begin to hypnotize you before the lyrics join into the mix. I was so completely drawn in that I almost missed the lyrics as they kicked in; subtle and at the level of a whisper. The delivery and actuality of the lyrics leave you feeling slightly unsettled, but somehow you enjoy it.

“I’m looking for you. Where are you hiding?”

“Defeated” is a very tantalizing song, the feeling of the song sticking with you for minutes after listening. With such a level of anonymity it’s hard to tell where Fred Ftheki came from and where he is going, but if he continues to release singles like this he is bound to gain some attention.

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