It is rare that an instrumental band truly stands out and sticks in my head.  But one of our favorites Arjun has returned with more phenomenal music for us all.  They must be doing something right because the music mesmerizes us.


The group has been doing it since their formation back in 2003 and hasn’t stopped delivering their impressive blend of rock and improvisational jazz since.  Arjun is the fine art of musical instruments blending together perfectly to form something elegant and beautiful.  There is stories within the sounds without ever have to use lyrics to explain it.  The listeners mind is the extra instrument to paint the picture that their ears are experiencing.

The latest offering from Arjun was just released last week.  It is the 7 track album entitled Core.  It opens with “Rocks” which sets a powerful yet subtle tone for the rest of the record.  On the title track “Core” the band was able to recruit legend John Medeski of Medeski, Martin, and Wood to sit in on organ and lend his epic jam band touch to the song.  The guitar jumps out at you here leading the way through the winding road of sound.  The funk is brought in on “Lavalust” with its impressive slap bass opening.  More and more instruments are added to the soundscape to build a full sonic experience that seems to change with the wind.  Arjun sets up to release the listener from the trance they have put them in with album closer “Within You”.  Although it tries to remain mellow it still shows the talent that is in these musicians fingers.  This is plainly just enjoyable listening.  We recommend taking a listen to the album as a whole at:

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