Any artist must take in influences from his upbringing to develop his own personal style.  Having a childhood growing up in different parts of the world can definitely be an advantage in this area.  A recent discovery of ours, Arpad B. is living proof of this advantage.

Arpad B

The skilled hip hop artist was born in Hungary, spent some time in the States, and is now based in Sweden.  The wide diversity in these cultures had a huge impact on Arpad B.  Instead of the usual cliches of the hip hop genre he turned it on its head with a large dance floor beat added to his unique sound.  Putting his real life experience into his lyrics also sets him apart.  There is no BS here, just a true positive attitude and message.

We had a chance to hear some of Arpad B’s latest tracks as he prepares for the upcoming release of his Always Get My Own EP and can see the effects of diverse experiences on this rising star’s career.  On “Itsyaman” the spacey and imaginative beat creeps in and out letting you focus on the lyrical attack.  The hook will stick in your head and have you humming it way after the track is over.  Just last week Arpad sent us over “Juicy Fruit”.  The dance club beat will have the floor moving and the party blowing up.  The mix of EDM with Rap can go well in both circles.  If you are ready to dance take a listen here:

We are truly excited to hear more and see where Arpad B takes his music next.  Keep up for yourself at:

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