One of the biggest powers of music is when songs are written for a specific purpose.  A feeling that can be created in an individual solely due to a song exposes the magic that a songwriter can create.  We recently discovered Kaori Astrom who is a master at composing music to set moods.

Kaori Astrom

The composer and songwriter originally hails from Japan but is now based in California.  Kaori Astrom began playing piano at the age of 4 and worked with renowned Japanese composer Ms.Yoshiko Katsunaga to improve her skills.  These talents were noticed and she received a World Scholarship in music composition to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Kaori continued to learn in many different styles of music and is now focused on writing music for movies, TV, and moods.

The latest project of Kaori Astrom is the EP Songs For Airports.  The 5 track record is a musical vision inspired by airports.  Through her travels Kaori developed a special feeling towards planes and airports and wanted to share these feelings in song.  The opener “Departure” sets the relaxing tone to ease the mind and prepare for the journey.  The minimalistic “In The Air” lets the listener fill in the blanks with their own emotions to truly experience the track.  The beautiful piano work of “Landing” allows for the letdown of a long flight and getting ready to put your feet on the ground again.  The closer “Lobby” has a little pep in its step as I picture a hurried passenger moving quickly to reach their destination which in my mind is the relaxation of home.  As Kaomi Astrom puts it “The main purpose of the project is to provide a quiet, peaceful and minimalistic musical moment for anyone who needs it.”  Enjoy it for yourself at:

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