Any musician that hopes to write meaningful songs must connect with something and be willing to let out the feelings that it gives them.  The current state of pop music has gotten so saturated with selfish themes that true inspiration can sometimes seem lost.  Our recent find TJ Doyle hopes to bring more of the world to the table.

TJ Doyle

The singer-songwriter lives in a community on the edge of the Angeles National Forest above Los Angeles, California.  TJ Doyle has found a way to deeply connect with the natural world by living a life of peace and taking it all in.  This is expressed passionately in his music that brings back memories of the 1960’s music scene.

Together with the TJ Doyle Band he has released a sophomore album entitled On The Horizon.  The 10 track record is a full exploration into some deep themes.  The opener “Change” sets the tone with a full wall of sound that fills the sonic space.  The genre would be lumped in with folk but there is much more here.  On “Something For You” there is a buildup that could rival a rock song.  The guitar work is very impressive here.  The story shared on “Human” relates how there is much more in this world than just a selfish person.  The mix of sounds will leave you repeating these tracks to hear the different nuances with each listen.  The title track “On The Horizon” sets a relaxed vibe that allows focus on the deep lyrics and the vocal performance of TJ Doyle.  When you are ready for a full record to just let wash over you and set your mind at a better place go enter his world at:


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