There has been an explosion of the 2 man band over the last few years.  What the White Stripes started and The Black Keys took to an even higher level has opened up many doors for pairs of talented musicians to share their craft with the world.  Our recent find of Astronaut And The Trees looks to continue this trend.


The duo formed in the basement of a locally owned restaurant in Clarkson, WA in 2012 and never looked back.  Astronaut And The Trees is made up of Andru Gomez on guitar, harmonica, and vocals along with Will Thompson on drums.  Thier sound is a raw and somewhat psychedelic take on rock.

A mission has been started to release 10 singles through Bandcamp to form a complete listen.  The first track “The Bird” was set free on January 24th.  It is an emotive filled song with a distorted guitar pulling the listener along into Astronaut And The Trees world.  The steady drum beat will have your head bobbing to its slower pace.  The full almost 6 minute ride will put your mind into a different place as the sounds combine to create a full sonic experience.  Take a listen for yourself here:

Keep up with more from Astronaut And The Trees at:


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