It still amazes me how one man can compose a full album now with the use of only a home studio.  The musical ideas that bounce around inside some gifted minds can now be expressed without the distraction of writing with others.  Some of the greatest music has been created this way since the dawn of time.  A recent example of this is Garden on a Trampoline.

Garden On A Trampoline

The project based just outside of Chicago, Illinois is the brainchild of Jim Laczkowski.  The indie rock composer and musician has developed a sound that crosses through the ambient, shoe-gaze, and synth-pop genres while still remaining friendly enough to be listened to by all music lovers.  The talent that lies within this project is evident right away.

At the start of February, Garden On A Trampoline released its third album entitled Allodynia.  The 15 track record blends many sounds and ideas together to fill the almost full hour with dynamic songs.  The opener “Leaving Michigan” is a beautiful and mellow piano and violin instrumental piece that shows a real composer is within.  The indie rock comes out full force on “Keeping Me Inside”.  The sped up groove of the song is pushed forward with some distorted guitar and storytelling lyrics that welcome the listener into the mind of the songwriter.  The electronic side of GoaT shows off on “This Close (Rotation)” with its dark synth sounds and drum machine beat.  There is a full array of noise filling the sonic template here.  The rising power of “Worth Something” really caught my attention.  Folky lyrics build and build into a indie rock attack on the senses and a catchy chorus.  The album closes with a more mellow feel on “Damn It, I Need You” allowing the listener to come back down to earth  after what was a truly a full listen.

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