With the current state of the music industry there is no need to wait for completed albums to put your music out into the world.  Artists that want to stay in their fans minds have picked up on the trend of releasing a constant stream of singles as a lead up to a full record.  Our recent discovery Aubrey Whitfield has been using this strategy with great success.

The British Singer-songwriter originally hails from Merseyside, but is now based in London, England.  Her original pop-rock style pours with emotion as Aubrey draws from parts of her real life as the basis for her songwriting.  People have been taking notice as her songs have received airplay on over 120 radio stations worldwide.  

One song that stood out recently is the track “Pinball”.   The slow mellow open lets the focus be on Aubrey Whitfield’s deep and powerful vocals.  The emotions stream out as the song builds to fill the full sonic space of the speakers with a rock anthem tone.  Take a listen here:



Aubrey Whitfield is set to release her debut EP Code Red later this year.  Keep an eye out for it at: http://www.aubreywhitfield.com/

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