Konstantinos Dilzas

At Indie Band Guru we constantly search the internet for fresh new music.  Although we can not physically jet set to all the hotspots of new music around the globe, we can find them here. Such an example is the discovery of Konstantinos Dilzas.

The singer from Greece happens to also be a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who has a deep knowledge of Greek discography from the 70s to today.  He has found some great success in Europe and Japan and has his sights set on even more widespread fame.  

The newest song by Konstantinos Dilzas is “PETRA KI EFHI” – “Stone and wish” (Music & lyrics by Dimitris Kiklis).  The lyrics are in Greek but the voice is still mesmerizing to listen to.  The song is a mid tempo latin song about the story of two people disappointed from their past lives  who met suddenly and decided to throw a stone to all their past and make a wish to live  the rest of their  life together.

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