One of my favorite powers of music is the ability of a good rhythm or song to take control of your mind and bring you to another place.  Music has been used to excite and motivate as well as to relax and meditate.  Our recent discovery Bilal Abbey knows just how to get your mind to that higher place.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native creates a hip hop style that dives deep into the mind.  Bilal Abbey claims influence from such luminaries as Nas, Erykah Badu, and Common.  He has hooked up with the Tribe Eternal Music Group to get his music into the ears of more and more fans.  The music spans a variety of topics, but the theme of spiritual growth is consistent throughout.  This is thinking man’s music.  

The latest release by Bilal Abbey is “Their Eyes Were Watching God” with the production help of DaydreamZ.  It is a chill out track that allows the listener to focus on the thoughtful flow on the talented lyricist.  The over 6 minute song will put you at ease and into a state close to meditation. Enjoy it here:



Keep up with more by Bilal Abbey at:

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