Rock and Roll is a diverse genre of music. Because of this, it can be very difficult to nail down what it is that makes it so likeable to its fans. One thing is for sure, though: it’s straight-up fun to listen to. Bamboozled is one band that gets this.


The band is based in Florence, Italy, but their songs are mostly performed in English. Each member displays true talent and energy. They channel the charisma of bands like The Rolling Stones, and that’s what Bamboozled is doing right. They’re looking to the masters for inspiration, and it has definitely payed off.

This influence is obvious in their latest album Bamboogia. The energetic, upbeat “Crazy Night” is one of those Rock songs you find yourself physically reacting to (whether it’s bobbing your head, tapping your feet, or tribal-dancing across your Living room). “Open The Door,” is another great Rock piece, with its smooth, bluesy guitar solos. “Brighton” is one of those paradoxical works that’s easy-going and upbeat at the same time, making use of confident, strutting drumbeats and power chords. “Lens” uses a strong baseline to carry along the energy of the song; similar to the way popular Rock bands like Collective Soul did in the nineties. Many of the tracks revive the use of the Rock Organ, which was made popular in the psychedelic era of Rock and Roll, and used consistently by Pink Floyd and The Doors. It’s an example of what Bamboozled is all about: vintage Rock and Roll.

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