Keeping active is important for any artist that wants to keep his fans engaged.  STay in their minds with a constant stream of music that leaves them waiting for the next release.  Our friend Kenny Fame seems to be well aware of this tactic.

Goodbye Kenny Fame

The  American alternative, R&B musician from Harlem, NY is well known for his eclectic sound mixing soul, spoken word, country and folk.  There is not a genre that he will shy away from.  Kenny Fame works hard not only making music but being active in the scene to make the connections he needs to help his career move forward.  He is one of the hardest workers we know,

The latest release by Kenny Fame is his EP Goodbye which hit BandCamp last week.  The 5 song record runs the gamut of what the artist is capable of.  The opener “Set It On FIre” shows what is possible right away with an exotic beat paired with a vocal delivery that is different enough to keep your attention to where the song will go next.  There is a more electro dance feel to “Come On Over” and “I Need U”.  The swooshing atmospheric sounds build up and wash over the listener creating a full sonic experience.  The title track “Goodbye” slows it down to let Kenny Fame share his emotion over the pretty melody.

You can take a listen at: 

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