One way to catch attention in today’s crowded music space is to create an air of mystery around your image.  Potential fans will dive in a little deeper if they are intrigued by the music and full artist image being put out there.  We recently found Ryda who seems to be using this tactic.

Ryda Sin City

The lead artist and voice of Sin CIty Entertainment so far has only offered a cryptic trailer video and a limited description.  According to the info the definition of a RYDA is someone always in progressive movement to enjoy and survive life by doing positive things for themselves and others.  Sounds like a man on a mission.

Recently Ryda released his debut EP Sin City Diaries – Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue.  The 6 track record brings even more mystery to the artist.  The opener “No Way Out” introduces Ryda’s deep baritone voice over a head bopping beat that grinds along with a mellow sludge.  On “Grind It Hard” the tone remains a little eerie as the dark tones and deep vocal delivery create a full atmosphere sprinkled with electro beats.  The party tone comes in on “My Gyal” and “This & That” with the energetic beats leading the way as Ryda shows some true lyrical flow.  The closer “Do It Right” seems to bring it all together at the same time with a wide variety of sounds filling the sonic space with energy.  

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