Coming from Muskogee, Oklahoma, When the Clock Strikes’ is an out of the ordinary Indie group with a sound all their own. The band is known to bond over video games, comic books and high BPM’s. Better Friends is the group’s second EP following the 2014 EP,Glowing in the Dark. Better Friends has the same strong guitar and vocals as the previous but brings a much faster tempo to the music.

When the Clock Strikes

Listening to the tracks, makes me feel ready to take on anything. The pace of the music and melodies spreads across the body much like the lyrics across one’s mind. The lyrics are catching while still maintaining originality. In particular the track Better Friends (From a Distance) which varies greatly from the band’s first EP music, combines to form a sound as if Rock and Indie got married. The heavy guitar perfectly matches the poetic lyrics to create a sound all their own. Each new song has a feeling an emotion of its own that helps to tie the audience closer with the band. The five tracks on the EP include Too Many Clocks, Better Friends (From a Distance), Fair Weather, Redemption and my personal favorite the Lumpy Space Mix of Better Friends (From a Distance). While the instruments shine in the first four new songs, I feel that you can truly appreciate the vocal power of this group in the remix to Better Friends (From a Distance). The somewhat slowed pace and quieter acoustics, allow the band to reach a new emotional level with their listeners.

When the Clock Strikes managed to create a second EP, that not only shows a different side of them then the previous release but illustrates their strength musically. The group was able to create a completely different sound while still sticking to the basics of their music. The strong vocals and instrumentals are still present but the upbeat tune and fast past melody make this a completely different sound.

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 *-reviewed by Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

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