As any artist can tell you, there are many things that can get in the way of your musical ambitions.  For an independent artist trying to build up a career this is especially true.  The reality is that your music will not be able to support you while you are building up a following.  We all need day jobs and knowledge to continue doing what we love.  Our recent find Faith Holt learned this and is now back with a mission to make more great music.

Faith Holt

The singer/songwriter from just outside of Nashville, Tennessee released her first album back in 2013.  Other forces pulled at her and she had to put her music on hold as she focused on school and home life.  Now having graduated college, Faith Holt has re-found her calling and is using inspiration gained through those college years to expand her range.   

There is a new album currently in the works using all this newfound influences.  In the meantime Faith dove back into her catalog and is releasing a bunch of older songs to reintroduce herself to the fans.  The album entitled Three Years is full of entertaining music to hold us over.  The opener “Backseat” starts us off with a repetitive melody creating a trancelike state before Faith stirs up some emotions with her excellent storytelling lyrics.  “Speak” continues the tone of emotions being shared and a bonding with the listener.  She has a way of creating beautiful melodies with limited notes on “Everything You’ve Got” and letting the vocals stand out once again.  There is some more energy on “Understand” with the acoustic guitar leading the way creating a full sound for your speakers.  Faith Holt’s voice has a way of getting deep into your soul and tugging at just the right strings.  By the time you reach the closer “Fighter” your emotions have reached their limit and your connection with the singer songwriter is fully entrenched.

Enter Faith Holt’s world for yourself and keep an eye out for a new record at:

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