One thing that will always catch the attention of new fans is creating an air of positivity in your music.  Letting the fans into your world will let them connect to you and want to be part of your support system.  An artist that seems to get that is Grammar who we recently came across.  

The hip hop artist hooked up with a friend and founded So Soul, a Virginia based company with an aim to reach out to people encouraging them to express who they are, through music.  The goal of spreading a positive message and connecting with the listener by telling their stories is paramount.  

One song by Grammar that stands out is “Low Life’s”.  The smooth beat is a great background for the phenomenal flow of this lyrical talent.  There is a story shared here that tells of wanting more even when it seems like you are stuck.  There is always more and Grammar plans on going to get it.  The track is paired with a well-made music video as well.  Enjoy it here:


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