There are many sides to the musical coin.  It can be many things to many people especially in times of difficulty.  Our latest find Austen Ledley became a music therapist to combine his passions for songwriting and people.

Austen Ledley

The singer/songwriter now based in North Vancouver, British Columbia made the move across Canada to study music therapy at Capilano University.  This upheaval definitely drummed up some emotions but with his knowledge Austen Ledley was able to turn those feelings into creative songs.  He currently works a day job at a mental health and addictions clinic where gets to write and record music with individuals who have hit “rock-bottom” and are working their way back up with music.  

Much how Austen helps others, he helped himself with the recording of his EP Sea To Sky.  The 4 track record represents a time of large transitions for the songwriter who has made the leap to share his songs with the world.  The opener “Come Along With Me” is a very pretty track that dissects his cross-country journey to Vancouver.  The americana-folk melodies wander in and out creating a cozy warmth.  The mellow “Little White Fences” weaves another picture of hope and happiness though not knowing what comes next.  The vocals here are very strong as well as the guitar play including a nice acoustic solo.  On the closer “Sunlight” the fantastic voice of Austen Ledley shines again as the peppy song creates a happy vibe to leave the listener wanting more.  

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