One music scene that has gone unnoticed in the major media as of late is metal.  The hard style of music has had its ups and downs over the years but there is currently a bunch of great underground scenes bubbling up throughout the US that are ready to break out again.  One band that I came accross ready to lead this charge is Ax Harbor.

Ax Harbor

The Arizona quintet is the result of a group of metal heads joining forces to put forth a pure blend of true heavy metal.  Together they bring over a decade of playing in various bands with different styles and influences.  Ax Harbor claims influence from such bands as Testament, Exodus, Pantera, and Iron Maiden.  Now they create a unique brand of metal that can relate to fans of both the old and new strains of the genre.

Ax Harbor send us some music to listen to for a taste.  It is evident from the first note of “Let The Bullets Fly” that there is a powerful punch about to hit you.  The hard rock energy oozes out and attacks.  Lead singer Wade Cota gets a lot out of his vocal chords and guitarist Gary Hallesy and Brent  Gutierrez provide some great leads and solos.  “My End” opens with bass player Andrew Valdez dropping the groove to a choppy grinding track.  Drummer Neil Koch is great throughout but shines on “Devil Theory” perhaps my favorite track by Ax Theory to this point.  There is something for everyone on this one.  If you wish to hear the resurgence of real heavy metal take a listen at:

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